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A page with a good web architecture and accessible to search engines is always a great point in favor to achieve higher positions and optimize the user experience. From BIT marketing we perform the Internet audit for your company, both in SEO and in Usability, since both support each other.

To know how to improve your website, we  first investigate your  current SEO situation : what position your page is in for the relevant keywords, competence, user behavior, how to improve the content, internal aspects (on-page), the objectives that you want to achieve, the popularity of links and web presence (off-page).

After this investigation, we will give you an initial diagnosis report for SEO positioning and recommendations of internal and external actions to the page.

Regarding the web usability audit, we will define the ease with which a user navigates through the page, finds what they are looking for and arrives at the objective landing page, with the added experience of browsing your website.

Usability can be decisive when completing an online sale or attracting a potential client; It is vital to find the balance between the objectives of the companies and the needs of the users. Many of these factors are indicators of the quality of the page and therefore taken into account also for SEO & SEO Provider Service.

We use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer, and Google Webmaster Tools to develop reports.

The author of above content is a professional digital marketing who has assisted many brands in increasing their ROI. Currently, he is associated with SK Web Designing Solutions a leading Affordable Logo Design provider in the United States.

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