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Where to buy beauty products in Germany

Buy beauty products in Germany.

Today’s post is very special and it took me a really long time to collect this info. I was born in São Paulo and I have been living in Berlin / Germany since last two years with my wife. I can share some advice on where to buy beauty products in Germany.

About the Berlin shops …

“I really like Berlin. I think it’s the most incredible city I’ve ever seen. If it were not for the weather, it would be perfect. 😛 I am passionate about cosmetics, especially for enamels, in fact, they are the glazes of Brazil that I miss.”
About the beauty products in Germany stores here, the service follows a different philosophy from Brazil. In the perfumery the clients are very “free”, no salesman appears to ask if the customer needs help, the perfumeries are really more like a supermarket. If the person wants some help, she should approach an employee. In the case of other beauty shops, the vendors wait a bit before approaching the customer to see if they want any help, in some stores, it can even happen that the salesmen just greet and wait for the customer’s initiative to ask for something. I really like this way of attending because I feel calm to look as much as I want without feeling pressured to indicate my interest or feel obligated to make a purchase. But in the case of perfumeries,
There is no Sephora here and so far I have not seen Bourjois, Revlon, Urban Decay (Douglas recently started selling Urban Decay online), Physicians Formula, Too Faced, Milani, Wet n Wild, an elf. From nail polishes, I’ve never seen China Glaze, Zoya, Color Club and Dance Legend to buy. That is to say, there are no easy brands to find in the US (apart from Bourjois and Dance Legend). “

Now the tips …

Perfumeries or “Drogeriemärkte” are a kind of “mini-markets”, the focus is on cosmetics and toiletries, but they also have cleaning products, some types of non-prescription medicines (lozenges, vitamins, dressings etc.), foods that do not require refrigeration, baby products (diapers, baby food, ointments etc. ), photo developing service, etc.

There are two major networks of perfumeries in Berlin: the “dm” and the “Rossmann”. Both have their own brands, which are really of great quality and with very good prices. Both have the brands Essence, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Max Factor, Astor, and Manhattan. But the only dm has the brands Catrice, Essie, and Aussie.

* Essence and Catrice are two brands of the Cosnova group, which is German. Essence is more geared towards the adolescent audience and Catrice has a young-adult appeal.

dm – dm’s own cosmetics brand is “p2”. P2 has many products for hand care, nails, and cuticles. I really like the nail polishes, hand creams, and cream, wax, and oil for cuticles of p2. “Alverde” is the DM brand for cosmetics with natural ingredients.

“Bella” is the dm’s own brand for face, body and hair care. Everything I’ve ever tried from them, like liquid soaps, body moisturizer, foot moisturizer, hand moisturizer and lip balm, I thought great. (The exception was the oil-free makeup remover for the eye area because it smells really strong and it bothers me.)

“Balea Men” is the brand of care for the face, body, and hair facing the male audience. “Ebelin” is the proper brand for beauty items such as brushes, brushes, tweezers, sandpaper, enamel removers, cotton disks etc.

the “Rival of Loop” and the “Rival of Loop Young,” the latter is aimed at the teen audience. “Alterra” is the Rossmann brand for cosmetics with natural ingredients. “Isana” is Rossmann’s own brand for face, body and hair care. The Isana chamomile hand cream is super cheap and great. “Isana Men” is the brand aimed at the male audience. “For Your Beauty” is the proper brand for beauty utensils.

Pharmacies – They are called “Apotheke” and in them are the brands La Roche-Posay, Vichy, Eucerin, Avène, Weleda, Caudalie, Skin Ceuticals, Dr. Hauschka, Bepanthol etc.

Douglas – It’s the store for famous brand products in Germany. I think it would be the equivalent of Sephora in Germany. (Unfortunately, there is no Sephora here) .

The brand’s available range from an affiliate to affiliate, but a few examples of brands found at Douglas are: Lancôme, Dior, Clinique, Chanel, Clarins, Giorgio Armani, Artdeco, Estee Lauder, Benefit, NYX, and L’Óreal. In the branches of Unter den Linden 16 (corner with Friedrichstraße) and the Tauentzienstraße 16 have MAC.

Kiko – It’s an Italian cosmetics brand that has its own stores. The products are great and very cheap. The glazes are the best I’ve ever used and cost only € 2.90.

Karstadt – It is a department store that has several branches throughout the city and has the same brands as Douglas, that is, the most luxurious brands. At the Kurfürstendamm 231 branch, there is also MAC.

Kaufhof Gallery – It is also a department store that has the luxury brands. In the branch of Alexanderplatz 9 has MAC.

KaDeWe – It is a well-known and traditional department store that is on Tauentzienstraße 21-24, there are the luxury brands and also MAC.

Shopping centers that are in very accessible places:

Alexa – Grunerstraße 20 (located at Alexanderplatz) – Has Douglas, Kiko, Rossmann, The Body Shop, and pharmacy. (A branch of DM and one of the Kaufhof Gallery are on Alexanderplatz.)

Potsdamer Platz Arkaden – Alte Potsdamer Straße 7 – Has dm, Douglas, Kiko, and pharmacy.

LP12 Mall of Berlin – Leipziger Platz 12 – Opened on September 25, 2014, is the second largest shopping mall in Berlin. It has DM, Douglas, Kiehl’s, MAC, Rituals Cosmetics, The Body Shop, and Pharmacy. It is very close to Potsdamer Platz Arkaden.

Stay tuned for my next post, I will be sharing some amazing shopping tips for Copenhagen city.

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